Overview-Take Your Leadership to Level 5

We aim not only to take leadership from good to great, but build optimally, a Level 5 leader and Level 5 leadership style.

Many leaders desire to go from good to great, develop Level 5 leadership style, or become a Level 5 leader.  Lack of humility and will is NOT the only cause.  In addition, IQ, EQ or behavior tools that top MBAs and others provide cannot solve complex issues efficiently.

What make us unique?

– We evaluate each of the 6 quotients and get to the root causes of  behaviors.
– We help leader identify “missing softwarebefore “the 360 Degree Evaluation and be ready for their challenges quickly.
– We empower leaders to focus on the big picture, be innovative and risk-taking, multiply leadership styles, and manage conflicts wisely.
– In addition, we enable leaders to lead with a smart system, win hearts and minds, and optimize top team performance management efficiently.
– Furthermore, we personalize learning, integrate learning with practices, and translate learning into action rapidly.

Find the Missing Tools in Your Leadership will share with you our 3-year study findings on what fails MBA leadership development and stops leaders from good to great.
Join us, minimize “intractable issues” in leadership and top team performance will show how you can change the world be starting with issues around you & within you.

Many leaders can go from good to great, develop Level 5 leadership style, become a Level 5 leader, including an exceptional CEO if they identify “missing software” and target issues with the right tools.

Take the mini leadership quiz to see how you are doing.

Case Studies:
1. Should a CEO be Charming?
2. Can He Handle the Job?

How we help clients.

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