Overview-Take Your Leadership to Level 5

We aim not only to help leaders go from good to great, but build optimally, a Level 5 leader, including an exceptional CEO.

Many leaders desire to go from good to great and develop Level 5 leadership style.  What fails them is not only lack of humility and will, but also human nature, constant changes and piecemeal approaches.  It only takes one missing or weak element to fail them as all 6Q elements are integrated.

What Makes Us Unique?  

1. We optimize leadership through multiple dimensions:

  • Vision: focus on the big picture, focus on the long term, and sustain startup DNA (innovation and more).
  • Execution: know talent at a personal level, optimize leadership styles, and win hearts & minds.
  • Stability: be technically and mentally stable and build resilience ahead of time.
  • Basic: stay healthy, psychological and physical, have a balanced personal life, and be happy.
  • Will: motivation or mission
  • Business performance: we evaluate each segment.

2. We strengthen leadership rapidly

  • We help leaders catch many development needs before “the 360 Degree Evaluation” and take early action.
  • We identify the “missing software,” make learning easy and fast, and integrate learning with practices.
  • We often begin to see results in days to weeks instead of months to years.
  • Not all issues have fast solutions.  We help clients face reality and make wise investments.

How We Help Clients.

6 Tips to Take Your Leadership to Level 5, Get ahead, Stay ahead
8 Tips on How to Be a Great CEO

Coming Programs and Classes