Lesson 3: the Differences between “How to Optimize YOUR Talent Performance”

This is your 3rd lesson at TPS Executive Academy– the Differences between “How to Optimize YOUR Talent Performance”

Talent is the key to success, especially the top 2%.  Many leaders strike to go from good to great but underestimate the needs to translate their strategy into organizational capabilities.  How your talent communicates and takes feedback is only daily skills.  They may need more.

  • Can you focus on the shifts that matter as well as the holes that can sink your boat?
  • Can you anticipate their development needs, take early action, and deliver training according to their needs?
  • Can you utilize the right formula in People Analytic instead of psychometrics or behavior alone?
  • Can you integrate learning with practices and translate learning into action quickly?

P.S. Please click reply to tell us how you manage your talent, what challenges you, and what you think it should be. We LOVE new ideas!!  Please feel free to contact my superstar support team at: support@theprincesynergy.com.

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