Catch Development Needs before 360°, Take Your Leadership to Level 5 in 2018!

Catch Development Needs before 360°, Take Your Leadership to Level 5 in 2018!

Today is the last day of 2017.  So much blood, sweat & tears of our team has gone into
developing Level 5 leadership to enable leaders to take their company from good to great and build enduring greatness.  I like to share with you some insights how to build Level 5 Leadership Efficiently. 

First, catch as many development needs before the 360° evaluation as possible.

Unlike computers, human capacity can fluctuate under change and storm, which involves adversity Q, health Q, and public influence Q besides IQ, EQ, and learning Q.  Behaviors mainly reflect the 6Q structural change instead of making the change.

By going beyond traditional IQ & EQ approaches and getting to the root causes of behaviors, we can catch many development needs ahead of time and help leaders to make wise investments and take early action, including building resilience.  Read more…

Second, strengthen Level 5 leadership rapidly.

Most people do not like to learn or change due to human nature.  Thus, the more specific and painless the learning is, the sooner they can see results, the better they will participate and learn.  I first found the principle at clinic.

Many leaders can develop skills in days to weeks instead of months to years by identifying their “missing software” and making learning as easy as possible.  One client has explained the how very well (although he is not a Level 5 leader yet):

“Dr. Yang provides a highly efficient and effective framework to diagnose leadership strengths and opportunities quickly through the Executive 6Q Assessment tool. Further, she is able to recommend solutions that go beyond traditional EQ/IQ based approaches by incorporating specific aspects of human behavior, considering a broader perspective to leadership that includes aspects of Adversity, Health, Public Influence and Learning with the 6Q Framework. I found the assessment and the session to be a productive investment of time and $s and would highly recommend it as an efficient way to quickly diagnose and build key leadership competencies.”

Third, do not just read our newsletters over and over before “retirement.” 

It has become a phenomenon in the past a few years– whenever a well-known Fortune 500 CEO suddenly reads our newsletters a lot, it usually means he or she is in “hot water,” and soon the person would “retire” and disappear.  So far only one has come back to be a CEO at another institution.

In fact, each of the CEOs had the chance to catch their decline seeds before their  “retirement” and learn from their mistakes afterwards.  It is important to get ahead, stay ahead, and act when you can.  Read more...

In general, when we go beyond traditional IQ & EQ approaches and get to the root causes of behaviors,

  • A CEO can be charming again in months instead of years or “retire.”
  • Innovation can be optimized in days by identifying the “missing software.”
  • About 30-40% “intractable issues” have efficient solutions, including talent management, conflict management, executive health management, etc.

It is not as hard as most people think to take your leadership to Level 5 or build Level 5 leadership.  However, it DOES take action.  The more Level 5 leaders the world has, the more people can be empowered and be productive, happy and healthy, the better the world will be.

Happy New Year! Achieve More in 2018!

The Prince Synergy Team