Can the US beat China in Human Rights Abuse?

Can the US beat China in Human Rights Abuse?

People usually believe that China is the worst in human rights.  In fact, the US can beat China in Human Rights abuse– below is a great example.

Should a newspaper evaluate a physician’s medical education?

Is it possible that medical school deans and state board analysts do not know medical education but a person who know a little about healthcare?

I believe you will say no. However, the above have happened in Texas and California where both states have state regulation regarding medical education. Compared with Texas, California not only has a medical education course list, but also lays out the hour requirement for each course in its state law.  Without license, a person almost slept on the street.

Recently, someone from CA Nursing Board wants the person to go to “their expert” for a “mental examination.”  There are no clinical complaints but excellent Letters of recommendations from her attending.   Just like the CA and TX medical boards, someone at the CA Nursing Board is trying to make up evidences that are “mental illness” this time to take away her license.   How abusive!  And they are managing healthcare!

Who Is the Victim?

The person came to the United States in 1994 alone for human rights.   She went to Shanghai Medical University in 1985.  By then, the US had PhD in nursing while China only had associate degree.  The government wanted to use medical doctors to improve nursing quality to beat the US.   She was chosen to the honorable program and took extra nursing courses.  In addition, she had to finish 5-year program in four years due to the urgent need of the government.   However, she would rather be a regular doctor than the head of nursing department as the job made her scream in nightmare.  Later she immigrated herself as a nurse since she had no family in the US.

Compared with regular doctors, the person knows nursing more.  She should be at least as smart as others to finish a 5-year program in 4 years and pass the same US medical license examinations (USMLE).   In fact, she passed the USMLE when she recovered herself from Traumatic Brain Injury, which is still impossible to Harvard University today.  During residencies, she invented 6Q Whole System Approach (WSA) while she was looking for tools to help her patients recover faster and better.  She enjoys seeing others at their best.  Through the WSA, she has helped many people meet challenges, handle setbacks, get well quickly from stress-related health issues that count for 70% primary clinic visits (e.g.: heart attack, stroke, insomnia, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc.).  Thus, she has received excellent letters of recommendations from her attending physicians.

However, some people only use her extra as excuses to screw her up.  Why?  Because she is an immigrant who dare to tough a “dream job” in the US!  Doctors and executives are two samples of the “dream jobs.”

She was going to do residency at Harvard Brain Rehabilitation.  Although the US law protects individuals’ career, the court refused to let her go to keep her job.   She took “the opportunity” to start her own business since she went to medical school due to her parents.  She is talented and passionate about business and law.   Later she found that the WSA is far more efficient in leadership development and performance management than IQ, EQ or behavior approaches that top MBAs use since the 6Q approach can get the root causes better, catch the development needs of a leader or elite before 360 degree, make learning easy, and more.  She enjoys empowering leaders since it is the most efficient way to empower hundreds, thousands, and millions at the same time.  However, her unique approach has prolonged her journey to success.  When she ran out money, she reactivated her nurse license.

What Can You Learn from this Case?

THERE IS NO SYSTEM that can guarantee human rights and democracy but individuals’ own leadership and other capacities.   Life is full of unexpected challenges; therefore, how to handle setbacks and failures is critical to lasting success.  We empower leaders and elites to strengthen society and change the world for the better.  The video “Find the Missing Tools in Your American Dream” will tell you more.

Do You Want Human Rights Abuse to Continue in the US?

We do not.   To be great again, the US needs the best talent in the world to stay globally competitive.   To be great again, the US needs to stop human rights abuse, especially through government and legal channels as the impact is worse than the one of murder and robbery.  For example, the people in government can use Attorneys in General to “prosecute” their victim.  In addition, they can turn a culture difference into a crime, so they can legally tear innocents apart.  Without sufficient changes, China where the victim ran away from is no longer the worst in human rights abuse since the US is worse.

The victim has written to the US President Donald Trump and the CA Governor Jerry Brown.  However, she has either received no response or insufficient one.

Join us and share the story with your network if you are passionate about human rights and freedom.

In the meantime, try us with your complex challenges, and DO NOT GIVE UP before consulting The Prince Synergy even if your issue is impossible to anyone else.   The best justice for the victim is to succeed faster and better.   She cannot achieve her success and justice without your support!