Book: Identify Your “Missing Software,” Go from Good to Great Efficiently!

Book: Identify Your “Missing Software,” Go from Good to Great Efficiently!

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Although you may only miss “some software,” the difference between how to go from good to great can be significant.  Read the book that many Fortune 500 CEOs wish they have before their “retirement.”  Identify your “missing software” to go from good to great efficiently.


Many leaders desire to achieve lasting success, build Level 5 leadership, but have failed.  They may have great products, people or culture in the beginning, but fail to update their leadership and sustain startup DNA to pursue lasting growth.  In addition, traditional IQ. EQ and Behavior tools alone often have limited power over complex issues. 

Identify Your “Missing Software” will first share with you the “missing software” that has stopped many leaders from reaching Level 5 and the differences between how to go from good to great.   Then the book will demonstrate how to build leadership through multiple dimensions at leader, team, culture, and system levels.  Because the book aims to build Level 5 leaders with startup DNA who pursue enduring greatness, you will read all kinds of fascinating stories how Yang identified the “missing software” and “unexpected” solutions.

Bin Yang first invented the 6Q Approach at the clinic to help her patients identify “missing software” to handle setbacks and stay healthy.  Many patients recovered quickly with minimum re-occurrence.  Later, to her surprise, she discovered that top MBAs build leaders with IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone and often get poor results due to “intractable issues.” Through the 6Q Approach, Yang has helped many CEOs and other executives solve their “intractable issues.”

Although Identify Your “Missing Software” uses many topics on CEOs, the management principles apply to all other leaders and elites.  Of course, the book is excellent for those who desire to be a CEO, learn from former Fortune 500 CEOs, get ahead, and stay ahead in this fast-changing world.

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About the Author:

Bin Yang is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy, a global CEO adviser and the inventor of the 6Q Approach.