6 Tips to Take Your Leadership to Level 5, Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

6 Tips How to Take Your Leadership to Level 5, Get Ahead, Stay Ahead


Many leaders come to our website for latest development in Level 5 leadership and team performance management.   We have summarized 6 tips to help you empower yourself, build a Level 5 team, get ahead, and stay ahead.  We choose many topics about CEOs because their challenges usually are more complex than others’.

1. Can Behavior or EQ alone Build a Level 5 Leader?
No. Unlike computers, human capacity can fluctuate under change and storm, which involves adversity Q, health Q, and public influence Q besides IQ, EQ, and learning Q.  Behaviors mainly reflect the 6Q structural change(s) instead of making the change(s).  Piecemeal approaches are why most institutions fail to build leaders efficiently.  Read more…

2. How to Be an Exceptional CEO?
Do you have to come in from the outside?  Should you reshuffle management AFTER the first 2 years like McKinsey suggests?  No. The key is how to keep a fresh and objective view.  In addition, not every organization can afford 2 years to warm up.  Read more…

3. Should A CEO Be Charming?
Of course!  No CEO can achieve desirable results if others cannot perceive his or her leadership properly.  People skills are not enough.  Being charming is basic to how to be a great CEO.  Read more…

4. How Should CEOs Deal with Stress?
How to deal with stress and stay healthy is different from how to lead and innovate.  Studies found that 100% of CEOs (Vistage) suffer from stress.  Read more…

5. Four Keys to Optimizing Corporate Leadership Development
No strategy will succeed without efficient team execution.  Should you just focus on the shifts that matter, provide continuous leadership development, and simplify people analytic formula?  No. You need to focus on the shifts that matter AS WELL AS the holes that can leak and sink your boat, provide training according to needs, and use the right formula.  Read more…

6. Learn from Former Fortune 500 CEOs, Get ahead, Stay ahead!
Some CEOs stop improving self after they reach to their “peak.”  However, the world never stops changing, and some changes come at an experiential rate.  Do not just read The Prince Synergy’s newsletters right before “retirement.”  Because we can help you “Identify “Missing Software,” Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly!Read more…

The book What Stops Leaders from Good to Great includes all of the above and much more about how to build Level 5 leadership, get ahead, stay ahead.

Businesses and individuals no longer need to spend years with insignificant results as leadership can be strengthened in days to weeks with the right tools!  We offer bonuses to different programs and classes each month, which can also be the best holiday gift to your family and friends.

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